Sigma Falls

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Sigma Falls is a 5-piece alternative rock band from Portsmouth, UK. Rocking the 90’s alt vibe, the band’s passion is crafting and performing energetic, riff-driven songs to captivated audiences across the UK.

Since forming in 2014, some of the highlights of the band include playing Wickham and Victorious Festivals; headlining a stage at Icebreaker Festival; and releasing debut single ‘Stay Honest’, which has been listened to over 8000 times and featured in over 1300 playlists on Spotify.

Although 2017 was a quiet year for the band, with two members starting families, the band have spent much of the year writing new material and perfecting their set, which was met with rapturous crowds at the Edge of the Wedge and more recently at Icebreaker Festival 2018, and saw them win the Old Blacksmiths Studios & the Shout's (Express FM) 'The Best of 2017' award.

2018 promises to be the second coming for Sigma Falls as they’re set to release new songs and return to the live circuit.


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14 March 2014 Fat Fox, Portsmouth w/ Rickyfitts & Oh Captain
27 March 2014 The Registry, Portsmouth w/ The Stayawakes, Civil Eyes
20 April 2014 Registry, Portsmouth w/ Foxer, Fugitive Orchestra, Ben Farrent & others
2 May 2014 Fawcett Inn, Portsmouth w/ Paul Dillon & others
4 June 2014 Fat Fox, Portsmouth w/ Dead By Dawn, CPR
21 June 2014 Edge of the Wedge, Portsmouth w/ Belligerence, In the Hills, CB6
26 July 2014 Wedgewood Rooms, Portsmouth w/ El Capitan, Seething Akira, Jonny Bell
7 August 2014 Fat Fox, Portsmouth w/ the Stayawakes, Shot Away, Of Fire & State
31 October 2014 Fat Fox, Portsmouth w/ Tricorn, Nomura
23 November 2014 Drift Bar, Portsmouth w/ Civil Eyes, Champion Jack, Damn Beats
11 December 2014 The Cellars, Portsmouth w/ The Bleechers, Free From Gravity, Kelly Kemp
31 January 2015 Icebreaker @ The Edge, Portsmouth w/
19 February 2015 RMA, Portsmouth w/ Underground Pilots, Foxer, The Smoking Prophets, Kelly Kemp
14 March 2015 Al Buritto, Portsmouth w/ Stayawakes
25 April 2015 Wedgewood Rooms, Portsmouth w/ Pistol Head, Lost Art Of The Strange, Basis, Urban Legend
7 May 2015 RMA, Portsmouth w/ Nathalie Gunn, Iola, Joe Wilkinson
31 May 2015 Southsea Rocks @ Jolly Sailor, Portsmouth w/ Spindle Fish, 6's & 7's
2 August 2015 Drift Bar, Portsmouth w/ Bayeaux, KidBrother, We Capture Kings, Allegory
15 August 2015 Al Buritto, Portsmouth w/ El Capitan
29 August 2015 Victorious Festival, Portsmouth 18:15 @ Seaside Stage
19 October 2015 The Alexandra, Southampton w/ Spindlefish, Between the Void, No People Club
31 October 2015 Fat Fox, Southsea w/ Seething Akira, Bittertown Marys, Zenthetix, Sahara Snow, Into Dawn
30 January 2016 Icebreaker Festival, Southsea 21:15 @ Al' Burrito
11 March 2016 Drift, Southsea With support from: The Bleechers, King Ghidora, Allegory.
13 May 2016 Edge of the Wedge, Southsea w/ Lonely Dakota, Bring the Revolution, Kilkovec
17 June 2016 The Railway Inn, Winchester w/ Flying Machines, The Sans, One Tonne Son
2 July 2016 Hoefest, Waterlooville w/ Free From Gravity, Angry Joe, Tracerban, Slack 5, Staks
17 July 2016 The Joiners, Southampton Supporting Black Nevada.
7 August 2016 Wickham Festival Quay West Cave Stage
27 August 2016 Victorious Festival Acoustic set - Radweb Showcase Stage
1 October 2016 Southsea Fest 5.30pm @ Deco
4 November 2016 Private Show in Portsmouth w/ Murderhouse
28 January 2017 Icebreaker Festival Headlining the Honest Politician Stage
16 February 2017 Little Johnny Russells, Southsea The Victorious Sessions - Acoustic set w/ Roy Peplow, Devin-Jade & Lennon Taylor
18 February 2017 Al Burrito, Southsea w/ Murderhouse, Maddy Gardiner & Apex Sun
8 June 2017 Little Johnny Russells, Southsea The Victorious Sessions - Acoustic set w/ Foxer, Ade Cull & Lauren Barker
18 August 2017 The Railway Inn, Winchester w/ Biolith, Kamikaze Test Pilots, Perdisian & Riteoff
2 September 2017 Edge of the Wedge, Southsea Wenchfest w/ Outgun Empire, Deltorers & The Wild Claims
2 February 2018 Icebreaker Festival The Fat Fox Stage
22 April 2018 The Birdcage, Southsea Supporting Lost Avenue w/ Wild Claims & Carl Lewis
29 June 2018 Cafe Reflections, Southampton w/ TBA
9 July 2018 Edge of the Wedge, Southsea w/ Lonely Dakota, The Wild Claims, Bitterman
11 August 2018 Wedgewood Rooms, Southsea SWARMFEST
22 September 2018 The Wave Maiden, Southsea EP Launch show w/ Lonely Dakota, The Wild Claims
27 September 2018 Edge of the Wedge, Southsea w/ Neverman, Siblings of Us, Reminders & Dani Uziel